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Festival Foods Careers

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Festival employee holding a bag


You may think our job is to bring you quality products and an exceptional experience, and it is, but we also strive to provide value and enrich the lives of our guests and neighbors beyond just selling groceries. The moment you step foot into Festival Foods, you'll be quick to note a few smiling faces or a friendly 'hello' eager to help.


  • Love People

    Set aside those fresh veggies, we're in the people business. We just happen to sell groceries.

  • Help You Grow

    Experience our passion for and commitment to personal and professional growth.

  • Offer Great Benefits

    Gain access to some impressive company perks, no matter your job status.

  • Have (Serious) Fun

    Laugh every day and don't take yourself too seriously. You'll fit right in.

  • Are Active In Our Communities

    Join in making your community a great place to live, work and play.


Cashier. Meat Cutter. Department Manager. Cake Decorator. Registered Dietitian. Accountant. Whatever the position at Festival Foods, we're strongly committed to developing associates both personally and professionally.

  • Photo of GOLD Program
    GOLD Program

    The Grocery Operations Leadership Development Program focuses on technical and leadership training to build our bench of potential future leaders.

  • Photo of Professional Growth
    Professional Growth

    Exceptional performance creates a plethora of opportunities to grow within Festival Foods, both personally and professionally.

  • Photo of Be More Than an 'Employee'
    Be More Than an 'Employee'

    Associates own their careers at Festival Foods and are empowered to get results and grow through meaningful work and challenging experiences.

Career Development


  • Festival Foods is a family- and employee-owned company thanks to our ESOP, the employee stock ownership program.
  • With only $500 of borrowed money and a lot of enthusiasm, Paul and Jane Skogen opened a 3,000 square foot store that was attached to their house in Onalaska, Wisconsin in 1946. This was the first Festival Foods.
  • Festival Foods has full kitchens in our deli and a scratch bakery. That means fresh foods, made from scratch-almost daily.
  • Every business decision made at Festival Foods is based on the question, "Will it bring the customer back?"
  • Festival Foods associates practice '10-tiling': Any associate within 10 feet (or tiles) of a guest acknowledges that person with a smile, a simple hello or in striking up a conversation.
  • We live by the Boomerang Basics, 27 actionable idea items that make Festival Foods an exceptional place to work and visit.
  • Associates saving for school can participate in 'Dollars for Students,' saving 50ยข for every hour worked to use at anytime while employed at Festival Foods for eligible tuition expenses. Plus, Festival Foods will match what's in the account dollar for dollar up to $10,000.
  • Our company has a long history of supporting our communities. These are the communities we have grown up in, work in and call home.
  • "Festival is a company that is driven by being the best at what it does. That means that we try to bring in the best people and develop them into being the best that they can be in the roles that they are given. This philosophy not only creates an incredible work force, but creates amazing people both in the workplace and outside of it. This is an incredible place to work for that reason alone."

    Photo of Mike Hron
    Mike Hron

    "I have been with Festival for 6.5 years and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I have a great team of people that I work with; we're like a family and it's terrific. Besides that, there is a lot of opportunity for growth within the store. The culture here at Festival is amazing; never have I worked with a company before that practices their values daily!"

    Photo of Char Wetzel-Stegen
    Char Wetzel-Stegen
  • "To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. Festival treats you like family and gives you the ability to grow relationships."

    Photo of
    Aaron Juneau

    "I like working at Festival because of the values they want their associates to value and what they want to serve to their guests. They teach that it always needs to be consistent in every area of the store and that's great. Always show customer service first no matter what the case is, and not many companies run like that anymore."

    Photo of Steven Rucker
    Steven Rucker

    "This is my second year working at Festival and I love it. Everyone that works here is so nice and I've made so many new friendships. You can always count on a friendly face when you go, which makes working here a great experience as well."

    Katie Zacharias
  • "Festival is a great place to work, not only are you working in a great environment but you are surrounded by great people. I could not ask for a better place to be associated with."

    Photo of Tanya Miske
    Tanya Miske

    "I started at Festival Foods in 2005 as a cashier at our store on Green Bay's west side and I worked for the company throughout high school. I used a company program called Dollars for Students. Through the program, Festival deposits 50 cents of an associate's hourly rate into a separate account and then the company matches the money in that account up to $10,000 for a variety of costs including tuition, books and lodging. It's really a great program that emphasizes our company's dedication to helping its associates."

    Photo of Tia Watermolen
    Tia Watermolen

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